Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Photographic Experiment 4: Autumn

The text above each image corresponds to the image below it, and was provided by the photographer of that photo.

The simple beauty of a leaf, the clarity of it's existence,
the ambiguity of being human, and what is in the space between?

Yellow String

it's not a typical fall photo, but i thought it was really pretty. great salt lake-ish area.

I took this photo because I liked the red splotches on the leaves.
It was raining that day which made it even better.

Fall is a beautiful and yet difficult time for me.
Most of the photos I took thinking about this were dark,
one was of a little skull, and a good number of them involved
the muted color sand fine shapes of dried seeds.
This one is a photo of harvest and hope,
the early morning light coming through the kitchen window.

green and sway
will give way
to rot and decay
biodegradable blessing
in death, there is life, there is death

Chlorophyll Draining

The fall is always wonderful because of the harvest.
You finally get to see the benefits of how hard you worked during the summer and it's truly satisfying.

i like the way
the veins are visible
in the leafs against the sky

this image is important to me because:
it was taken on the gate of the house i grew up in.
so there were a lot of memories made on the other side.

Squaw Peak Road, Provo Canyon. More on

Hanging out in the nothing...

this is autumn.
the explosion,
the moment of color before winter white erases the vibrancy.
this is autumn, the promise of beauty being made.
the clouds, the colors,
the promise of beauty being kept as the chill
ready to steal it all away hangs overhead.
this is autumn.

Pumpkin pumpkin
big and round,
I'm glad you grow
upon the ground.
I'm glad you don't
grow in a tree
for then you might
fall down on me.

Autumn in Bellingham, Washington

Bird Watching

pretty tree at UVU

Um...I'm going to call this picture "Pine of Fire".

I just finished working the potato harvest, and this empty field embodies the pure, complete joy I felt on our last day of work.
No other feeling catches so completely my love for this season.

The only red leaf on the whole tree,
yet soon the whole tree will be red.
Change starts with one.


Saturday, October 10, 2009

Photographic Experiment 3: Strangers

Unfortunately, not very many people participated in this experiment, but it is unique nonetheless. I may run this one again at a later time with some sort of variation. I would like to see an experiment like this take off. Thanks so much to the five of you who made this experiment happen still.

(Click images to see them larger.)

Sunday, October 4, 2009

The Road to Kasama

The landscape was everywhere and was everything, it was dead but also living and it flourished but also struggled.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Photographic Experiment 2: Cracks

"Crack of Dawn"

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Keep watching for upcoming experiments in photography. Comments welcome.