Sunday, November 2, 2008

Protest: The True "Patriot Act"

I know that my perspectives about Buddhism have changed since I began this Buddhist Philosophy course with Wayne Hanewicz (highly recommended). But the protests a few months back leave me with a much deeper respect for many of the monks from Burma - and in general. Peaceful protest somehow gets a bad rap, when it should be considered of the most "patriotic" things one can do. If Americans weren't such lazy, passive, blind herds of sheep (excuse the cliche), we would be much better off as a society and a country. The most intelligent people of the world have been pointing this out for decades, yet somehow we believe that the government would never lie to us. And, given our President's track-records on lying, I wonder how we can carry on such ridiculous beliefs.

Foucault was right on in noticing that the Productive Power is much better means of control than the Repressive Power. We have Americans begging for Patriot Acts, when we should be Protesting them (which is the true patriot act).

I can only hope that someday more people will wake up.

Protest is one of the most beautiful arts ever experienced. And, if done correctly, can be the most powerful of all the arts.

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