Friday, September 11, 2009

Photographic Experiment 1: Facing West

For this first experiment, people pointed their cameras westward at precisely 7:40 PM (mountain time) and snapped one picture. I received 21 photos from around the world (thanks to Jordan) - 20 photos from Utah and 1 from Canada - and these pictures are displayed below. Enjoy, and keep your eyes open for future artistic and photographic 'experiments'.

Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone who contributed.

Without further ado: 21 different perceptions of the west, taken on Thursday, September 10, 2009, at precisely 7:40 pm. (Click photos to see larger image)

Woodland Hills, Utah (1 photo)

Utah (1 photo)

Toronto, Ontario, Canada (1 photo)

Sandy, Utah (2 photos)

Salt Lake City, Utah (2 photos)

Provo, Utah (2 photos)

Orem, Utah (10 photos)

Lindon, Utah (1 photo)

American Fork, Utah (1 photo)

Enjoy, and please comment.


jordazzzle said...

I'm so glad I made your experiment "around the world"! all the photos look gorgeous!

M. Olson said...

I enjoyed all aspects of this project. From the initial excitement to the anticipation of 7:40 to come around to seeing all these great pictures. I hope we can come up with some more projects like this to do in the future. Ideas, anyone?

Jorgen said...

Hey Mark, regarding future projects, check the group I just invited you to on facebook.

Bryan R. Terry said...

These are all gorgeous. Now I really feel like a schumck for forgetting to take the picture.

Scott Abbott said...

When the lights start to come on across Utah Valley in the evening, I often wonder what each person attached to a light is doing. In this case, we got to see what 21 persons were seeing.

What if we could see what each of us was eating on any given evening?

Who each of us was talking with?

What each of us was reading/viewing?

And finally, of all the photos, my favorite is that wonderful interior shot through the library window that features the light reflected from the setting sun on the window casing.

Loz said...

I find it so funny that while Trent and I were taking photos from just in front of the library, someone else was taking photos from inside.

Brittany said...

I LOVE them. Oh, I am so excited to do more!

Breana said...

Some of these were especially gorgeous.

I wish my crappy camera did better in the dwindling light. Hopefully my future submissions are better.